Best Balayage Highlights and Ombre Hair Color

When it comes to best balayage highlights or ombre hair color people always confuse these two styles. Actually they are similar but are not the same. If you want to go for a balayage you are supposed to deal with highlights rather than with two-tone coloring. On the other hand ombre requires two shades of hair colors which are closer to each other.

Your hairstylist should distinguish between these styles to provide you with the desired result. Balayage looks more natural than ombre. In its turn ombre is the technique which creates an incredible coloring. It’s the style due to which you get dark roots and light edges. This looks nice on bob and ling hairstyle and won’t be well-reflected on pixie cuts. Unlike traditional highlighting balayage is the style that is achieved in simple ways and provides you with more effective result. Since natural-looks are more stylish these days the majority for girls opt for the balayage style. This trend will continue to be in thing even in 2016 and if you haven’t gone for this style yet you can still try it.

Balayage Highlights

If you have brunette hair you can add caramel or dirty blonde balayage highlights on your hair and this will not only lighten up your locks but will also bring dimension to them. Those who have blonde hair can refresh their locks by ash brown or dark blonde balayage highlights. Redheads are welcome to go for nice burgundy and blonde balayage highlights according to their preferences.
red hair with blonde balayage 2016
Balayage Hair Color
Balayage Highlights curly
balayage highlights for curly hair
Balayage Highlights on dark hair
balayage highlights on short hair
Balayage Highlights red
Balayage Highlights
caramel balayage highlights

Ombre Hair Colors

As for ombre you brunettes can go for dark brown roots and light blonde ends. Approximately blondes can choose light dark blonde roots and golden ends. Those who have red hair may like to combine two shades of red. It will look very spiffy.
ombre on straight hair
ombre straight and curly hair
ombre straight hair 2016
ombre straight hair blonde ends
ombre straight hair nice
ombre straight hair waterfall
ombre straight hair

Bold Hair Colors

There are cases when you want to dye your hair in a totally different shade which will make you stand out from the crowd, if you opt for the balayage or ombre styles you can take bold colors like purple, burgundy, blue-black and orange. According to your skin tone and hair color you can choose bold colors which will complement your complexion.
bold balayage
Bold Hair Colors ombre and balayage
bold ombre
fire ombre style
fire ombre
At the end I would like to refer to suitable hairstyles for balayage and ombre styles as well. So, the coolest difference between these two styles is that balayage is best reflected on long curly hairstyles and ombre looks perfect on straight hairstyles. here you see pictures which prove this fact and this essential for you to know before you choose one for these hair coloring techniques.

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