Cool Chunky Highlights for 2016

Like clothes and accessories hairstyles also keep up with the fashion and each time it is possible to see celebrities with new hairstyle ideas. The most important part of hairstyle is hair color. You should know what color to choose in order to have a stunning and eye catching look. A hair color highlights our skin tone and shows the beauty of our complexions in other way.

So, before going for any hair color changes you may consult with your makeup artist and hairstylist to know which color is the best for your skin complexions. There are females who do not want to go for radical changes but at the same time they want to get something new. If you are one of those females go on reading because we are going to speak about chunky highlights for 2016 which are probably for you.

Chunky highlights are very trendy nowadays and it is possible to wear on your natural hair. A lot of celebrities and non-celebrities like to wear chunky highlights. But first of all let see what kind highlights are they. Chunky highlight is a regular one but it adds more depth and dimension to your hair.

Before going to chunky highlights try to know the current trend for them because fashion runs and you always need to keep up with it. In this case it is very important to have a right chosen hairstyle otherwise your chunky highlights will look dated.

Chunky highlights on straight hair

The beauty of Chunky highlights is more obvious on straight hair. So if you have curly hair we will advise you to make it straight with the help of iron. Always keep in your mind that with chunky highlights it is better to have straight hair.

Next important step is to know where to place your highlights. There are several choices for you, for example you may get them only on the bangs or get it like regular highlights it is possible even to have chunky highlight on your whole hair. Some girls choose to have chunky highlight only in one side of their hair we should say that this version also looks trendy. If you are not sure where to place chunky highlights it will be better to ask your hairstylist for a help.

So do not forget about your face shapes because all we want is to make your face more beautiful. Those who have a round face should place highlights away from hairline in this way they will avoid to make their face even rounder. For square faces are great highlights that are placed all over hair . This help to emphasize your face features. Girls with oval faces should place the highlights at the ends of their hair so that face will not have a longer look.

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