Fire and Flame Colored Hair

Have you ever thought about adding something very unique on your appearance? Don’t look for it anymore, here it is. Fire and flame colored hair is a new trend that is created for adventurous, fiery and bright women. Just look at the way it’s reflected on hair. Doesn’t it look fantastic? Dyeing your hair in these very shades of vibrant yellow and orange you’ll get a very eye-catching and fascinating.

In other word this hair coloring is called; fire ombre, red hair, red ombre, dark phoenix, cosplay hair and the alike. But before going for this hair color take into account several factors like your eye color and skin tone. Does it really work with them? If yes then go ahead. Choose the brightest shades of red, yellow and orange and opt for any style you like starting from chunky highlights to the latest fashionable ombre style. Actually the right choice of colors can suit any skin tone. If you have fair skin tone you can take lighter and more vibrant shades, but those that have dark to medium skin tones may look better in darker and bolder shades of bright red and orange. Consider the fact that lighter colors are easier to achieve on blonde hair and darker hues will best work on dark hair.

fire flame colored hair
fire and flame colored hair idea
fire and flame colored hair yellow

After you dye your hair in an astounding shade of fire and flame don’t forget about touch ups. These hair colors are very bright and require touch ups not to lose the shine and the hue quickly. Also use bright hair color protective shampoo and conditioner each time you wash your hair.

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This is hair coloring is one of the most creative ways to express your individuality in the fashion world. It definitely warms up your complexion and according to the hues you opt for your hair will look either two-tone or three-tone colored. There are cases when even four tones are noticeable. Toned down effect brings a touch of autumn and is perfect for the fall season.

fire and flame colored hair
fire and flame colored hair 2017

Gwen Stefani Fire and Flame Dip Died Hair

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani experimented with fire and flame coloring on her blonde hair. Her hair colorist has used the dip dye technique and as a result got an interesting hair color. She has only the ends colored in black, red and orange and as you see the separation of colors is very visible.

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