Get Fascinating Hair Look with Arctic Fox Hair Colour

Arctic fox hair colour is a great option for you who look for high quality of hair colouring but in the same time you also take care to the environment. Although it is just established in 2014 by Kristen Leanne, a popular animal lover, Arctic Fox has already becomes one of the famous hair colour lines across the world which also develop really fast.

Kristen is known to love having bright and vibrant hair colours. However, the problem she faced was like people in common which associated with the weaknesses of the brand of hair colouring itself. She then had discussion with her partner about, self-expression, red wine, colour, as well as animal. This discussion became the starting point on how the semi-permanent hair colouring tones she offer today.

Arctic Fox hair colour benefits

There are numerous benefits provided by Arctic Fox to hair colouring such as it does not include any drying alcohol and other harsh chemicals. A research and development which took place almost two years has created a hair colouring tone which does not only offer high pigment but also does not easily stain.

The colour provided by this brand is semi-permanent which is simple to use, being conditioned as well as has great smell. Even though the colours will fade as the time passes by but it won’t fade completely. Arctic Fox colour are made to fade on their real colour hue so if they fade, they tones keep looking gorgeous as you want. Due to this benefit, people are easier to make lighter shades using Arctic Fox diluter so that the result of the colour is more accurate.

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How long does arctic hair dye last

One of the most frequently asked questions about Arctic Fox hair colour is how long it will last. The colours provided by this brand actually can last between 4 up to 8 weeks. However, it is highly affected by the health condition of the hair as well as the care treatments given.

Even though the colours have been formulated to have most long-lasting and semi-permanent quality, for the best result you have to take care of it properly. In order to make the colour more long lasting, you need to wash the hair frequently and using shampoo containing no sulphate. If you want to make the colour more durable, you need to avoid chlorinated or salt water.

Arctic Fox Aquamarine

Among wide arrays of colours offered by Arctic Fox, Aquamarine is known to be one of the favourite options. This colour offers trendy look and great to be tried for those who want to try different hair colour. You should not been worried about its quality.

Although it is applied semi permanently on the hair, it is actually made from vegan ingredients. Hence, it will not damage your hair like other hair colouring products containing chemicals. The most interesting thing about this hair colouring brand is you will have opportunity to make donation in order to help animals if you buy Arctic Fox hair colour.

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