Interesting Highlights for Dark Brown Hair Ideas You Need to Try

Highlights for dark brown hair is not only add colour but also can turn the look to be more interesting even the dark colour itself already provides deep look. Dark brown or popularly known as brunette looks completely fascinating, shiny and rich but this single colour will not mesmerize everyone.

However by giving the highlights, the dark brown hair will add fresh look and texture so that the whole appearance turns to be sexier and more glamorous. Playing with hair tones is an interesting thing to do so that you need to try it once in your life. Needs any inspiration, some of these ideas perhaps are perfect for your brunette hair.

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights

One of the great ways to improve dark brown hair colour is by lightening the end of using warmer colours. For instance, you can choose caramel to make the bottom part of your hair look warmer. Caramel highlight on brunette hair is most suitable for those who have warm skin colour and medium textured hair.

The ends hair is the oldest part so they receive more exposure both physically and environmentally. If you want to highlight the brunette hair particularly on the end parts, you need to convince that this part is in good condition. You even can make it look tidier by get it some trims after the highlighting.

Short dark brown hair with highlights

Red provides beautiful look in any type of hair so that it becomes a great option to choose when you are looking for the best colour for highlight tone. Red when used as highlights for dark brown hair will make the short edgy haircut has more fabulous texture. Even though red can be used in wide variety of hair but it will work best for people who have warm skin tones and hair which come in medium texture.

The more specific red colour which looks most suitable for warm skin tone is red which has shade of orange in it. However, red colour which comes with blue in it is more perfect to be applied on the hair of people who have cool skin tones.

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Dark brown hair with light brown highlights

You should not merely used big highlights in order to create interesting and different look on the hair. Something simple such as soft light brown also can create amazing impact when you use it as highlight on dark brown colour. Light brown tones as highlights look goods to be used by those skin tones from light to medium which serve great look in red colour. This soft light dark brown is also great to combine with shades of oranges and greens.

Hair that has dark brown tone naturally or coloured serves good beginning step to receive this highlight. What you need to keep in mind is changing the colour of the hair slowly. This is a great step to do when starting to add light shade. You can discuss with the hair stylish on types of colour which can be used to give light highlights for dark brown hair.

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