Subtle Silver Hair Colors, Perfect Cool Hair Color for Young Women!

When it comes to grey hair we start to become nervous because we don’t like to see this shade on our hair. But why? Let’s forget about the fact that you are getting older and consider the idea that it’s a unique subtle silver shade which is here to make your look trendy.

In the world of fashion you see everything associated with silver starting from jewelry, shoes and outfits and if we can combine golden hair colors with golden stuff, then why don’t we think of silver hair colors as well? Today many fashionable girls choose this very shade for their hair even in the case when they don’t have a single grey hair. Now, I think you will change your mind about silver hair color.

New Silver Hair Colors

So, if you are thinking of a exquisite and stylish hair color then have a look at these examples. There are several styles to choose for silver hair coloring. You can go for the silver ombre, monotone silver and for simple silver highlights. The only thing you should take into account is your current shade. As it’s a bit difficult to get a silver shade especially on dark hair you are supposed to be quite patient. It will take you several months to be achieved on your locks.

That’s why be careful while choosing it. As it requires deep bleaching your locks may become damaged and this is very unpleasant for sure. Go for this hue only in case you really need it. Opt for a professional hair colorist who knows the technique of silver hair coloring and then go ahead.

So, if you want to get it on your locks you should not apply any other hair color for about six months before you go for it. Then your hair stylist should bleach your hair 1-2 weeks ago before dying it. Then you are expected to use hair recovering products to treat the damaged locks.

Since bleach makes your hair dry you should use deep-conditioning and softening treatment. 48 hours before dyeing you should not rinse your hair, because the natural oils of your scalp can protect your hair while dyeing. Then chop of the edges of your hair keeping the healthy look of it. Then try to be ready to see this shade on your hair. That’s imagine how it will look like not to be shocked later. Now, it’s time to dye it.

If you are a natural blonde then you can get the silver color on your locks easier. But darker shades should be bleached till blonde to get the best result. So, I wish you a pretty appearance with a refined shade of silver. Happy dyeing!

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