Warm Bronze Hair Colors

Bronze hair color is the shiniest hue of both light and dark browns. It’s a very hot shade that brings more femininity and attractiveness into your look. There are light and soft bronze shades as well as darker and more mysterious one. Each can choose the shade that goes with her complexion. If you have dark skin tone you may go for a dark bronze shade and those who have medium skin tones may choose a light bronze hue. Blondes can go for the lightest bronze hair color and redheads may pick the one that best works with their skin tone. Now, let’s see all these options.

This great mixture of blonde and light brown shades has created the softest bronze hue for fair skin toned women and for those who want to warm up their pale complexion. This looks very subtle and fresh on short bob haircut which in its turn is a trendy hairstyle.


Bronze Ombre Hair

Women who are fond of the stylish ombre effect and want to update their hair color may choose the shiny bronze shades. Dye your roots in a glossy golden bronze and the ends in a warm blonde shade which is closer to light brown and works with the bronze hue. The result will be seductive and fashionable at the same time.


Dark Bronze Hair Color

The warmest shade of bronze that looks like a fiery brown is the dark bronze shade. This is a classic example of a dark bronze hue which looks stunning on long hair as well as on short haircuts.

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Golden Bronze Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

The mixture of caramel and sun-kissed bronze can bring a rich hair color which will compliment olive skin tone and dark eyes. Combining wit with golden bronze makeup you will be provided with a gorgeous and stunning look which is ready to rock an evening party.


Deep Golden Bronze Hair Color

Here you see the darkest bronze hair color which best works with olive to dark skin tones. You may go for it if you have such complexion. It also best works with dark eye colors.


Light Bronze Hair Color on Long Hair

Women with long hair, medium to light skin tone may go for a light bronze hair color if they are looking for something between brown and ginger. This is a well-balanced shade that look both like a reddish brown and like a shiny sun-kissed bronze.

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