Mysteries behind about wholesale hair vendors in USA and top picks

The wholesale hair business in the United States is becoming more popular and profitable. Why are they so famous, and who are the leading wholesale hair vendors in USA? The answers may be found in this post.

Potential market of wholesale hair vendors in USA

As client interest in their appearance grows, the global beauty industry is booming. In particular, the market for human hair is growing quickly. In the past few years, sales have almost doubled.

Within the next seven years, the hair industry is expected to earn 10 billion USD in revenue at a rate of much more than 4% each year. Brazil, the U.S., Ghana (in Africa), and the European countries are all seen as possible markets.


In particular, with a population of over 300 million, the United States is the biggest economy in the world and has numerous chances for wholesale hair vendors in USA. This country is home to a large number of people of color and a broad array of ethnic groupings. The industry for hair extensions in the U.S. is substantial and expanding rapidly.

Facts about wholesale hair vendors in USA must know

Here are some facts you must know about wholesale hair vendors in USA

  • The majority of wholesale hair vendors in USA are trading businesses, which means they distribute or resell hair. They lack hair factories and frequently import hair from  Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India and Brazil.
  • Due to its population and economic development, Los Angeles is the city with the most wholesale hair vendors in USA. People here have a very high desire for beauty, and because hairstyles change every month, the requirement for hair extensions is enormous.
  • According to the demands of each customer group, wholesale hair vendors in USA carry a diverse selection of items.
    • African-Americans favor curly wavy hair or bone-straight black hair,… from wholesale hair vendors in USA
    • In contrast, white folks favor the blond hair extensions and blond bone straight hair sold by wholesale hair vendors in USA
    • In addition, clients here favor high-quality items such as Vietnamese and Burmese hair.


Wholesale hair vendors in USA offer prices with multiple criteria

The cost of hair products from wholesale hair vendors in USA is relatively expensive due to the need to import raw ingredients, hefty taxes, and high labor costs. And the cost of hair is affected by a number of factors, including:

  •  Origin: Top wholesale hair vendors import hair from a variety of origins, so the prices of hair from various origins will vary. Generally, Southeast Asian nations provide hair at a higher cost due to its superior quality and traceable origin. Indian and Brazilian hair and Chinese hair is less expensive due to its inferior quality.
  • Length: The cost of hair will be proportional to its length; the longer a hair, the higher the price. Very few wholesale hair vendors in USA supply hair in length of 36 inches or more.
  • Color: This is also a significant element in determining price. Typically, colors that require dying will incur a $5 surcharge per hair bundle. Lighter colors and those that require bleaching are more costly than darker colors.
  • Grade: The grade plays a key impact in determining how much wholesale hair  vendors in USA costs. Each country has a different grade. 
    • For instance, there are three primary grades of hair originating from Southeast Asian countries: super-double, double-drawn and single-drawn, China-origin hair is categorized as from 6A to 10A.  Therefore, the price of hair of a higher grade will be greater as it will be of higher quality and will lose less.
    • Due to its uniformity and good quality, super double-drawn is the most famous product. Although expensive, you will discover that the cost is completely justified.
  • Reputation: The popularity of wholesale hair vendors in USA influences the cost of their hair. Generally, well-known, respected vendors will charge more than start-ups and small businesses.


Advantages and disadvantages when buying hair products from wholesale hair vendors in USA

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of working with wholesale hair vendors in USA.

  • Advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors in USA: 
    • They offer numerous product lines and varied hair sources, and they divide their hair products into numerous categories to meet the needs of any client.
    • Modern shipping technology and expert customer service allow for rapid order processing.
    • Domestic shipping is fairly inexpensive, as most wholesale hair vendos in USA sell to retailers and consumers within the country.
    • Due to the law’s strictness and clarity, there are fewer cons in the hair care sector.
  • Disadvantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors in USA: 
    • The cost is quite expensive because they must rely on imported raw supplies, pay several import taxes and fees, and pay more for labor than in other nations.
    • The grade of hair fluctuates depending on the availability of hair. Wholesale hair vendors in USA frequently purchase in bulk and maintain stock, therefore the quality is not always assured.


Some recommended best famous wholesale hair vendors in USA

We’ve created a list of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors in USA  so that you don’t have to waste time looking.

Dynasty Goddess – Top 1 best wholesale hair vendors in USA

When it comes to virgin hair extensions, no US supplier has better quality than Dynasty Goddess which is one of the most famous wholesale virgin hair factory in USA.

  • Product: They provide numerous goods, including tape-in, clip-in, closure & frontal, and wigs with various hair origins: Indian hair,  Cambodian hair, Brazilian hair and Burmese hair,…
  • Price: The price is pretty high, but the hair quality is excellent, with the majority of ratings reaching 5/5.
  • Requires you to make all payments before the order is shipped. They accept all kinds of payment cards


Dynasty Goddess is an excellent option if you are searching for reputable wholesale hair vendors in USA. 

USA Hair – Top 2 best wholesale hair vendors in USA

In the world of upscale hair salons, USA Hair requires no introduction. All purchases are made and shipped from the United States, which makes it easy for customers to keep track of their orders and know what’s going on.

  • Products: tape in hair, clip in hair, nano rings, fusion hair, micro loop and wigs…
  • Price: Their pricing is relatively competitive when comparing to other wholesale hair vendors in USA. 
  • They accept the return within 60 days from the date of delivery.

USA Hair is among the most reputable wholesale hair vendors in USA. 

Her Hair – Top 3 best wholesale hair vendors in USA

Her Hair is among the most trusted wholesale hair vendors in USA. They consistently exert great effort to supply all consumers in the U.S. with the finest hair extension items.

  • Product: consisting primarily of Brazilian hair with kinky curly, body wave, wavy hair and bone straight hair. 
  • Price: The price is quite costly. However, they also offer several client promotions.
  • Every return is processed within 3 days


Her Hair is a best wholesale hair vendor in USA – where you can purchase high-quality hair with trust. 

When looking for hair extensions, it might be difficult to narrow down your options due to the sheer number of vendors. So, this post will assist you in selecting the most suitable wholesale hair vendor for your needs:

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